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November 11, 2011
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Wait wait, what'cha doin' my friend?
Las Noches fallin' down there's disagreements to mend.
Espadas need their release, Aaronieros' a mess.
Princess is makin' trouble time to talk to the press.

Playin' god ain't easy as you think it might be.
Hey Aizen, you got responsibility!

Tosen has got the audience all ready to flee,
Neliel got up and ran off with the strawberry.
They're talkin' and they're squawkin' and they're makin' a fuss,
the pawns are stealin' screen-time better listen to us.

Playin' god ain't easy as you think it might be.
Hey Aizen, you got responsibility!

The panther beat the strawberry around the town,
they're fightin' and they're bitin' 'cause they want that crown.
The white sun killed Aaroniero Arrunerie.
She stabbed 'em with an ice blade. (Got messy)

You gotta act, you gotta choose, decide and decree.
Hey Aizen, you've got responsibility!
You gotta make decisions, and make 'em sound,
that's your job now when you wear that crown.
There must be time for meetings and still time for tea.
Hey Aizen, you got responsibility!

Hey there evil guy, you got responsibility!
:iconfacepalmplz: The school musical last year had an abomination of a script. The only reason it turned out to be a decent performance was the skill of the actors. :iconbloodkaika: and I amused ourselves by changing the lyrics of the song, "You've Got Responsibility", to be about the Hueco Mundo arc, which we were watching at the time. :) I hope you enjoy this improved version of the song.
By the way, it's supposed to be like Gin's singing it. XD The original lyrics already had the right dialect, and it fit.

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"still time for tea" but of course :iconisayplz:
EdwardElricx101 Nov 20, 2011  Student Writer
LOL :rofl:

i support ulquihime :heart:!~
CheekyKittyAD Nov 20, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
THIS IS AWSOME!! :squee:
Why thank you. :D I'm currently working on a dance to match. XD
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